Privacy Policy

Data protection

The protection of your personal data is governed by the Personal Data Protection Act (GDPR). Personal information you provide will be stored in our records with your consent.

Which personal information we collect and how we use it

EventastiQ is committed to providing personal data protection by collecting only the essential, basic user information necessary to meet our obligations to you as user and event organizers.

EventastiQ system needs only your email address and we will use it only to help you log into your user profile, and to send you EventastiQ system notifications such as:

  • account activation email,
  • forgotten password recovery email,
  • successful event registration notification

We will not share your email address or any data we store about you with other subjects except with event organizer for which event you are registering to, nor will we put it to newsletter lists or use it for other types of promotional, advertising or marketing activities.

Event organizers may require more personal information, depending on:

  • type of events they host,
  • type of services they provide (accommodation, flight reservations...) and
  • type of process they use while organizing an event.

Event organizers are responsible to inform you for which purposes they are collecting, processing or sharing your personal data.
For any extra purposes which are not part of event organizing process, event organizer is required to provide you will details and ask your explicit consent before they can start collecting data or process them.

Specially sensitive personal data

Event organizers are not allowed to ask you to enter any personal data that could seriously damage your material status or personal well being, like passport ID, social security number, credit card numbers or PIN numbers. For purpose of charging for their services they should provide you with option to pay via bank transfer or online payment system which should uphold to highest online payment security standards.

They are not allowed to hold you eligible in advance by taking your credit card information and charging you afterwards!

Event organizers are also not allowed to ask you to enter specially sensitive information like your beliefs, sexual orientation, children information or medical records, unless they have a good reason for this.

If you think event organizer is not abiding to GDPR rules, or you think your personal rights have been violated, contact us as soon as possible at and we will perform necessary actions.

Who has access to your personal data

All personal data is stored in your user profile on the EventastiQ system, along with a historical overview of your submissions/event registrations.
Access to this information is strictly limited to you via your user profile, and to event organizer via their special web interface.
If event organizer provides online payment option, your personal information may also be forwarded to the online payment system if that system requires this information to complete payment process. No credit card numbers will be shared or exposed during this process!

You can get access to your personal information and history of your event registrations by logging in to your account via your e-mail and your password. You can also update your personal information in the user profile. It is possible to update all the data except the account e-mail that is the user profile identifier and can not be changed, but you can change contact email if you wish to use one different than one you have used during registration.
It is also likely that you will be able to change your personal information next time you register to event, depending event organizer requires this data in their registration form.

Right to be forgotten

If you want to utilize your "right to be forgotten", send us an email to expressing your wish to delete your account and we will ensure that your personal information is deleted as soon as possible from our system and that we also inform event organizer to do the same on his end as well.

Collecting emails of interested business parties

EventastiQ system provides event organizers to sign up for our newsletter via our newsletter form to be informed of important changes to the system.
At any point you can choose to "unsubscribe" if you no longer want to receive our newsletter or simply send us email to expressing your wish to be opted out and we will remove you from our newsletter list.

Using your IP

Web server which hosts EventsttiQ system is using your IP address by logging it into access logs. We will only use this information to prevent potential problems like security breaches, unauthorized access etc.

Using cookies

The web pages of and relevant sub-domains correlating to event organizers (all part of EventastiQ sytem) use the so-called cookies. These cookies are necessary to provide the user with full functionality and quality content free of charge. Cookies represent a data set generated by a web server and saved by a web browser on a user disk in the form of a small text file with certain data required for website to provide user with such content.

Which cookies we use and how

EventastiQ uses the following cookies:

  • Session cookies - are placed on the user's computer and are kept there only for duration of his visit to the web site. Our session cookie does not contain any user's personal information except that it identifies his logged status so website can show proper content.
  • Persistent Cookies - These are cookies that will remain in the user's Internet browser until they expires or are manually deleted. The information collected is anonymous and does not include user's personal information.

We also use 3rd-party Goolge Analytics tool to improve content and user experience of our public web pages. Google Analytics may also use session and persistent cookies to track user while browsing public pages. We do not use this analytics tool on sub-domains!
You can read more about Goolge Analytics privacy on this link

What if a user does not accept cookies?

If a user does not accept cookies, certain features of this web site may not work or will work improperly. This will limit the user's capabilities like accessing his user profile or registering to events.

How to manage cookies

In your web browsers, you can delete cookies and manage the general cookie settings. Here are links to instructions on how to perform this in popular browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

Most web browsers allow a complete ban on cookies or ban on third-party cookies. If you block all cookies in your browser, many sites you visit on the Internet will not work properly.